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About Coton Colors
This is Laura Johnson.
She’s an artist and CEO (A very unusual combination?)
She’s been creating things her entire life and loved it so much that she studied it in college and made it her career.

With the help of her family, she started a business out of her garage and named it Coton Colors. She combined her knack for entertaining with a lifelong love of designing handmade products inspired by her life celebrations with her husband and three daughters.

Her business took off. Demand was so high; it was almost impossible to keep up.

Today, she leads an amazing team of creatives, many of which are still family. They design and create thousands of products and handle every step thing it takes to bring them to market – from designing each detail and working with the artisans who now make them, to partnering with customers who sell them. As always, her motto “never miss an opportunity to celebrate every day” is what guides all they do. Fortunately, the demand continues, they’ve grown and grown into a national and international brand.

This is Coton Colors, a brand based on Laura’s life that she hopes inspires and enables people to never miss an opportunity to celebrate.